Laughter and gratitude help me get by.

For this moment, my home is a place of total peace.

Last night my hometown, San Diego, CA., had what was described as an “epic” storm. I peaceful slept through it. Today is “the morning after the night before.” The early morning stillness and heavenly washed air nourished my soul.

My day was spent in quiet reverence of the power of mother nature. As I look outside I see the vibrant spectrum of greens everywhere; the lawn , the weeds, trees just leaving the beauty shop of last night’s rain and wind.

Just before dark, I took my two dogs out for an evening walk to spend their pent-up energy after being cooped-up inside most of the day during the storm. As we set out the crisp evening air bathed us in freshness. We were just about a block away from home when suddenly the sky blackened and hurled sheets of rain on us. My glasses were curtained with huge raindrops and I could barely see to turn and head back towards home. Both with hands were full of leashes and doggie poo-poo bags. With no free sleeve to wipe my glasses I squinted and ambled back home, all three of us, the dogs and me drenched in rain.

As i put the key in the front door, the sun broke through brightly and the rain stopped, with nary a if on cue. I laugh a good belly laugh. My God has such a wonderful sense of humor. It had been a long time since I walked in the rain.and I loved it Thank you God.



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